How to Wear a Kimono - It’s one of spring’s most welcome and beautiful trends.


And how to wear a kimono? You can use it as a topper when a cardigan would be too warm. Or you can style a kimono as the star player of your outfit.

Said another way, there are endless ways to wear this gorgeous and beautiful piece. For starters, try copying these five fashionable outfits.

 5 Kimono Outfits to Copy

 1. As a Cardigan Alternative

There’s a place for all kinds of toppers in your wardrobe. But on those sultry days when you want to add something light and pretty to the mix, try an airy kimono. It’s seen here with skinny jeans, suede booties, and a simple white top, yielding the perfect example of feminine-casual style.

  1. As a Pretty Dress

The beauty of the kimono is that some are long and lean, just like your favorite dress silhouettes. You could easily throw one on over a pair of sleek leggings and a matching top, then belt it to create definition. The result? A makeshift dress with unique vibes.

  1. As a Shorts Companion

Summer music festivals, we’re ready for you. Just call it the ultimate warm-weather uniform: an airy kimono in a radiant hue makes the perfect partner for a pair of denim shorts, a plain white tank, and sandals. You’ll stay warm and look chic all day long.

 4. As an Outfit Maker

You never know when you’ll need to perk up a pair of jeans and a simple top. When a bright handbag or a statement necklace alone won’t do, turn to the ever-dependable kimono. This one offers both length and a flower-power print in one sleek package.

 5. As a Skirt Topper

Told you it was versatile. Play with lengths by pairing a long kimono with a shorter skirt or dress. The kimono adds a cohesive touch in much the same way that a blazer might, but with a little more levity and a much more relaxed, down-to-earth approach.

 Kimonos Shopping

 Go for simple comfort and easy style in this Kimono. Worn with anything from black pants to blue jeans, it’s an easy alternative to a plain black cardigan or a blazer.

 Add some color to the equation by slipping into this Garden Kimono It’s super lightweight and fluttery, lending it a spring-fresh charm that makes it a cinch to pair with your cutoffs. 

 A sheer topper is a subtly sophisticated choice if you want something to partner with your crisp trousers and low-profile pumps. This Sheer Floral Kimono is a genius choice when you don’t need warmth, but do want plenty of relaxed style.

 There you have it, all the ways to dress Kimono Style.  Check out our Bohemian Kimono Collection Just for You!  Happy Shopping!