How to Island Hop in Hawaii Like a Local

  • How to Wear a Kimono - It’s one of spring’s most welcome and beautiful trends.

    And how to wear a kimono? You can use it as a topper when a cardigan would be too warm. Or you can style a kimono as the star player of your outfit.

    Said another way, there are endless ways to wear this gorgeous and beautiful piece. For starters, try copying these five fashionable outfits.

  • How to Island Hop in Hawaii Like a Local

    Where do Hawaiians go on vacation? Hawaii, of course. Within the eight-island state, there are waterfalls, mountain ranges, beaches, bustling urban cities, and a cure for every ailment including island fever. When Hawaii resident of four years Halley Elefante is looking to step away from her day-to-day duties as Instagram’s The Salty Blonde, she comes down from her mountain house in the North Shore of Oahu and trades the alarm clock of rooster crows for a sunrise soundtrack of crashing waves.
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    First of all, I want to thank all of you that signed up for the newsletter on My Secret Closet Boutique, you get a 10% discount.  Also a big thank you to all of those you liked my new page on Facebook, I enjoyed getting to know you though our quick emails. Many of us have been friends for years and we have never met. I was honored by your interest and support.  It’s been a busy week!

    I am certainly learning quite a bit about buying clothes as a commodity.  It’s a bit like trading on the stock market, the prices of the clothes goes up and down daily.  Also the inventory seems to sell quickly with only a limited amount of inventory.  So if you see something you like and it is a good price buy it!  I can’t guarantee that the item will be the same price tomorrow and some items become out of stock and I delete them. So the Closet is always changing. I up date prices and inventory every morning at 6:00am PST.

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